is a community driven by car enthusiasts, motorists and suppliers. With the Vision of getting the best out of their cars by linking car owners, enthusiast, auto clubs, car dealers, auto parts and accessories sellers, Off-road 4X4, Racing / Performance parts, gadgets, Die cast car models, service centers, gas stations, Publishers, Venues and events organizers etc by providing them a venue for everyone to help each other out through an Auto Community that would be truly be beneficial to all stake holders.

What make unique is when you signed up as an Au2siast (free member of you can enjoy using as an

  • Online magazine, featured stories, news trends etc. with an opportunity to be a contributor of articles.
  • Nationwide directory for all vehicle related store. Ex. Parts, accessories, services etc.
  • Online selling of parts, accessories, gadgets etc. (direct from the supplier without commission for
  • Online vehicle maintenance application which record all expenses and history of your vehicle expenditures, send reminders for routine car maintenance Ex. Change oil, tune ups, tire rotations etc.
  • Online buy and sell of vehicles.
  • Venue for announcement of activities of different auto clubs and for communication between auto clubs.

Au2 community hopes to link different stake holders to help each other out to get better deals, give advice and suggestions to solve a persistent problem of a particular vehicle and to make motoring more fun. We provide the platform for Au2siast to meet with suppliers directly via hoping to have a cheaper alternative for suppliers to their best price. This is all because there won’t be any middle man and no physical store for additional overheads.

Au2 Community is the brain child of Cloud Ideas Enterprise which started in 2011. It started with, Au2exchange,, which later evolved into with the combine functionality of all previous websites.

It is the Mission of Cloud Ideas to make as the envision Auto community. By putting the car enthusiast / car owners at the fore front beneficiary. It would be a win win scenario for all stake holders. Our company’s believe that “ building up a community is worth more than building up a business. For business might earn you profit, but community would earn us a reputation. ”